Workmens Comp

Lets face it: working a job is a major part of our lives where we spend many hours of our day.

Motor Vehicle Injury

We spend a lot of time in our cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, and motorcycles.Accidents may happen.

Concussion Injuries

Until recently we haven’t truly understood the seriousness of a concussion. Concussions are caused


PRP Injections

Using the Harvest system, Grossinger NeuroPain Specialist, has advanced the practice…

Nerve Damage

At Grossinger Neuropain Specialist, we understand that the reason you found us or are coming to us is to help…


At Grossinger Neuropain Speciaist we effectively diagnose and treat a wide variety of painful

Grossinger NeuroPain Specialists

If you are looking for expert evaluation and treatment of pain and injuries, we welcome you to our practice Grossinger NeuroPain Specialists.
Dr. Bruce and Dr. Steve are brothers who have practiced together for over 10 years. They both have multiple board certifications in Neurology and Pain Management. They have a staff of doctors who cover many different aspects of pain, including anesthesiology, sports medicine, and psychology.

2 Convenient Offices (Eddystone-Wilmington De)

Our offices are conveniently located. The Eddystone office is 1 minute from I-95 and the Blue Route in Delaware county, suburban Philadelphia. The Wilmington, Delaware office is near the intersection of Routes 4 and 7 (Limestone Road), within 5 minutes of I-95 and Christiana Hospital.


Evaluation includes detailed discussion of the clinical course of your symptoms or pain. Physical examination is conducted to assist with diagnosis. Prior testing is reviewed and additional testing may be considered. We perform various testing all depending on your examination.


After making a diagnosis, we discuss treatment options. Sophisticated use of medication can provide significant decrease or resolution of pain. Physical treatments such as physical therapy may be prescribed. We will refer you to local physical therapy and chiropractic practitioners.

State of the Art Guidance

An important treatment approach involves getting medication directly to the sites of pain in the neck or back. We have procedure suites with fluoroscopy where we perform various types of procedures. This state of the art, x-ray guidance allows us to pinpoint the location site for placement of pain relieving medication. We also offer many other treatments.

Contact Us

Contact our office to arrange a consultation or nerve testing. We can make a diagnosis and outline a treatment plan for your condition.