Top 5 Work Injuries and Who to Turn to for Medical Care

Millions of people suffer from serious non-fatal injuries at work. Sometimes these injuries can put you out of work for days, weeks or months. This could translate into lost wages, increased medical bills and searches for the best treatment out there. We at Grossinger Neuropain Specialists provide treatment for injuries and pain. We have offices in Pennsylvania and Delaware and will work with the Delaware’s workers comp guidelines as well as Pennsylvania, to make sure our patients are given proper care.


We have been in business since the 80s and strive to act as a treatment guide for our patients by providing detailed evaluations in a compassionate manner. We educate our patients on making wise choices when it comes to their care. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and takes pride in providing our patients with a comfortable experience.


People spend most of our time at work, which means there are more opportunities to have a workplace injury. When you get hurt and need medical attention, that is when we at Grossinger Neuropain Specialists will provide you with the proper treatment to get you back to work quickly.


What people do not know is that workplace injuries happen every day and can come in various forms, such as:

  1. Falling Object Injuries

If you are hit by a falling object, you could get seriously injured. The most common one is head injuries. By being more aware of your workplace surroundings, you can avoid these accidents. Also, wearing the proper protection gear like a hard hat will also keep you safe.

  1. Reaction Injures

Have you ever slipped or tripped, but caught yourself before you fell? Well, even though you were able to react, the way you reacted could cause you injury. These quick reactions can cause muscle injuries, body trauma and other medical issues. By paying attention to your surroundings, you can avoid the injuries caused by last-minute reacting.

  1. Falling from Heights

Whether you fell from a roof, ladder or stairway, these accidents can cause serious injuries, to your back, muscles and bones. They can be caused by slipping or falling or due to faulty equipment. By using the proper protection gear and training, you can reduce the occurrence of these accidents.

  1. Slipping and Tripping

Maybe you did not notice that the floor was wet or there was an object blocking the walkway on the flow and you slip or trip over it. Making sure that spills and debris are properly cleaned and removed from frequently used walkways can ensure that you do not have an accident.

  1. Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion injuries, like pulling, lifting, pushing, holding and carrying are the most common in the workplace. These injuries can cause you to pull and twist your muscles out of whack and are often the most expensive injuries to treat.

We have many treatment options for patients no matter what your insurance or legal guidelines are. For more information on our treatment for workman’s comp injuries in Delaware, browse our website our call us today.

Grossinger Neuropain Specialists’ Five Injury-Prone Players to Avoid in Fantasy Football

Although we find satisfaction in helping people cope and recover from injuries, we wouldn’t wish one upon on worst enemy. From Pennsylvania knee injuries to spine injuries in Delaware, we possess expertise, experience, and technology that makes recovery much more bearable. After all, quality of life is key.


The same goes for elite athletes. Now that the NFL season has begun (and fantasy football), we will touch on five athletes injury-prone that are risky to keep on your team for too long:


1 – Alshon Jeffery (see image) – Over the last five years, Alshon has been haunted by injuries to his calf, hamstring, knee, and hand. When he plays, he is clearly a top 10 WR in the league, but it’s only a matter of time before he ends up on the doctor’s table again. Jeffery warrants tremendous while healthy, so now may be the time to ship him off to one of your friends (if the price is right).


(Alshon Jeffrey’s Problem Areas – Image from


2 – Ryan Mathews – Sorry Eagles fans, but facts are facts. Ryan is a powerful back who finds himself in high-impact collisions at the end of his runs, which is why he is likely to be back at physical therapy before the 2016 season is over. It may be worth it to secure a younger, safer option before it is too late.


3 – Ben Roethlisberger – Knee, foot, and head injuries – Oh my! If you drafted Big Ben this year, be sure to have a serviceable backup ready to step in for a few weeks. Ben plays physical and does not shy away from contact on QB runs.


4 – Jamaal Charles – Charles has torn the ACLs in both of his knees. You do the math. Hopefully, you never have to deal with the pain of that magnitude, but if you do – our pain management options in Delaware and Pennsylvania are modern and effective. We have multiple methods that can improve your day-to-day life by cutting down your discomfort level.

5 – Keenan Allen – Ok. This is an obvious one. Keenan recently tore his ACL and is officially out for the entire 2016 NFL season. Keenan, as you may know, is no stranger to injuries. Last year he suffered a season-ending injury to his kidney. Although he has immense talent and potential, the reward does not outweigh the risk for Allen. Keep Keenan off your fantasy draft board in 2017.


BONUS – Arian Foster – When healthy, this guy is amazing. Draft/acquire at your own risk!
(Update 9/21/16 – Arian is hurt and will miss at least one week.)

Whether you are a professional athlete or a clumsy couch potato, we don’t care. Our goal is to reduce your pain and suffering to improve your quality of life. If you need us, give us a call at 302-613-0410 or visit

NFL Preseason Injury Report – Courtesy of Dr. Grossinger

It’s almost September. You know what that means. IT’S FOOTBALL TIME.

While football season is an entertaining time for many Americans, there’s a handful people who probably need a few more weeks. Those people are the NFL players–especially the players recovering from injury and trying to make their way on the field for opening week.

Since Dr. Grossinger’s office is among the top pain management practices in Delaware, we thought it’d be nice to talk about some notable NFL injuries that could affect your home team (and your fantasy team). Let’s start locally in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Eagles:

  • QB Carson Wentz – Another injured first round draft pick that ends up in Philadelphia. Shocking. Luckily Carson just has a banged-up rib, and he is likely to be ready for Week 1 of the regular season (where is he slated to be our backup this year.) (Carson Wentz – Image Source)
  • WR Jordan Matthews – Jordan is nursing a knee injury and most experts agree he will also be ready to start the season at 100%.


Green Bay Packers:

  • WR Jordy Nelson – He’s baaaaack! QB Aaron Rodgers must be thrilled that Jordy was recently removed from the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. Mr. Nelson missed the entire season last year with a torn knee ligament, but he will be back for 2016.


Baltimore Ravens:


  • WR Steve Smith – It’s hard to keep this veteran off of the field. Although he missed nine games last year with an awful Achilles injury, he rejoined his teammates at practice on 8/18/16 and should be good to go when the season begins. LB Terrell Suggs is also recovering from an Achilles injury and is listed as probable.



Dallas Cowboys:

  • RB Ezekiel Elliott – Dallas’ fourth overall pick in this year’s draft, will likely be able to play Week 1. He recently reinjured his hamstring, but it is not considered to be serious.


Denver Broncos:

  • DB Aqib Talib – One of the cornerstones of Denver’s secondary, Talib is questionable for the start of the season with a leg injury. Keep an eye on him — it’s possible he doesn’t suit up until Week 2 or 3.


Seattle Seahawks

  • TE Jimmy Graham – Jimmy and his knee are probable for the start of the season, and his teammate RB Thomas Rawls is also likely to start Week 1. Out of the two of them, Rawls is much more ready to go healthwise.

Suspended Players:

  • Tom Brady – Returns Week 5
  • Le’veon Bell – Returns Week 5
  • Josh Gordon – Returns Week 5
  • Martavis Bryant – Missing Entire Season
  • Arthur Jones – Returns Week 5

Moral of the Story – Always consult a professional doctor, pain management specialist and physical therapist before returning from an injury too quickly. And say no to drugs, unless they are physician-recommended and agreed upon by you to help with a serious injury. Oh — and don’t deflate footballs.

Although you may not have guaranteed million-dollar contracts like these guys, you could be eligible for workers comp in Delaware. Call us today to find out more about our treatment options, and enjoy the 2016 NFL season!

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4 “Injury-Prone” Professional Athletes Who Utilize Modern Medicine

 In professional sports; it’s not IF injury occurs; it’s WHEN. This is a sad but true fact. It’s just science. The more you put your body through strenuous activity, the more likely it is to break down. I will make my point by outlining four examples of injury-prone athletes who are known in the Philadelphia area. Here goes:


Image Source

  –  Eric Lindros – Forced to retire at age 34, Eric Lindros was slated to be one of the best NHL players of all time. He likely suffered over a dozen concussions  (some documented, some not) throughout his hockey career. Our concussion treatments start with impact testing to evaluate patients, and then we try to treat headaches, drowsiness, and other side effects.
–  Sam Bradford – Since being drafted into the NFL, Sam has missed 33 games due to injury. That’s more than two full seasons combined. His main three injuries were related to the shoulder, knee, and ankle. Here at Grossinger Neuropain, we have numerous innovative procedures that help athletes of all levels get back on the field.
  –  Joel Embiid – Does Philadelphia love acquiring injury-prone college superstars? After the Eagles traded for Sam Bradford, the Sixers recently drafted Joel Embiid, who has yet to play a game in the NBA (he missed his rookie season due to… you guessed it: injury.) Whether he can ever last in the league for a full season remains to be seen, but the Grossinger doctors would love to work alongside the 76ers to see if we could help stop Joel’s foot pain.

  –  Jose Reyes – Although he is not on a Philly team, he is known across the area as one of our rivals. A long-time Shortstop for the NY Mets, Jose has faced the Phillies many times (when he’s healthy.) When he is not on the Disabled List, Jose is known to terrorize pitchers across the league, maintaining a career batting average of .290 (that’s an impressive career average over a 13-year sample size). Just imagine how many more hits he would have if he could stay on the field instead of on the X-Ray table.


  We assist with many Delaware workers comp cases to get injured employees back to work as soon as possible. This is beneficial for both the company and the worker. Whether you have nerve damage or chronic discomfort, the team here at Grossinger Neuropain Specialists have multiple solutions for providing pain management across Delaware. If you are a local, or want to take a new approach to alleviating injuries, visit us at or call 302-613-0410 today.

OMG!! They Use EMG?!…

Diagnostic procedures are paramount when it comes to treating pain symptoms. It’s near impossible to treat a problem if you cannot locate the cause. That’s why Grossinger Neuropain Specialists call on our state-of-the-art Electromyography (EMG) protocol to get a better understanding of our patient’s muscle and nerve health.


The EMG Test does an incredible job assessing damaged (or weakened) areas and can isolate the level of nerve irritation. The EMG utilizes electrodes to detect electrical signals that are given off by the body’s motor neurons. This causes the muscles to contract, which allows the test to translate the signals into graphs, sounds, and numeric readings.


EMGs can be used to detect abnormal electrical activity of muscle that can be a result of specific diseases and conditions, including inflammation of muscles, pinched nerves, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), muscular dystrophy, peripheral nerve damage (damage to nerves in the arms and legs), disc herniation, and other conditions.


Some of the common diagnosis we treat include:
Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine
Degenerative Disc Disease
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Facet Syndrome
Herniated Disc
SI Joint Dysfunction
Spinal Stenosis
Sports Medicine Injuries


After we find the cause of the problem, we discuss treatment options with the patient and determine the best course of action based on the individual’s intentions. We offer a slew of beneficial treatments that include injections, facets, sympathetic blocks, and other specialized treatments depending on the injury and the body part.


Grossinger Neuropain Specialists has two convenient locations. Our staff regularly assists patients eliminate pain and decrease the time they’ll need workmen compensation in Delaware and Pennsylvania. We take our pain relief treatment to the next level for all kinds of debilitating issues.  Embracing modern medicine and scientific technology is critical when maintaining a reputation as a top pain doctor in the tri-state area. If you need a Delaware workers comp doctor, or you need to treat your everyday joint pain in PA, visit or give us a call today!


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