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Dr. Bruce H. Grossinger


Dr. Bruce Grossinger graduated from Lehigh University in Bethlehem PA in 1981, magnum cum laude.   He then graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in June of 1985, interning at Metropolitan Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.  He was the Chief Resident in the Neurology Department of The New York Medical College in Valhalla NY.  For many years he focused his training in neurology and later decided to focus on becoming board-certified in Pain Medicine, as well as Psychiatry and Neurology. He also became board-certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine and also as an Independent Medical Evaluator.  He has worked with many of the local hospitals including, but not limited to, Taylor Hospital, Crozer Chester, Riddle, Springfield and Christiana Hospital. 

He focuses much of his training now on Pain Management.  He has had state-of-the-art training in EMG and nerve conduction testing, fluoroscopic-guided procedures and many other treatments for pain. 

Dr. Bruce Grossinger is definitely not all work and no play.  You can tell he is a very family-oriented man working alongside his brother for many years.  He is always balancing his time between being a great doctor, husband and father.  He has spent time vacationing around the country with family, especially in Florida.  He also takes care of his staff, which he considers his extended family.   As you can see from just talking to him he is a humorous and fun-loving person.  He is also a sports junkie which is par for the course for many of the employees of Grossinger NeuroPain Specialists.  It shows in his training and in his focus into Pain and Sports Medicine.  For many years he has held season tickets to The Philadelphia Eagles and 76’ers and has attended numerous Flyers and Phillies games.  Most recently, he has become an internet radio host as a sports doctor.  He is on as “Bruce the Sports Doc”.  In his show, he ties together the gap between sports and medicine.  He has many interviews with a variety of doctors and athletes talking about all different angles and views possible. 

Dr. Bruce Grossinger has put together one of the best teams and facilities for Pain Management diagnosing and treatment, especially in the last decade.  He continues to increase his knowledge for diagnostic treatment of injuries and options.  He has added numerous options for his patients as well as added a little fun to their visit.  Dr. Grossinger has a way of making people feel at home in his practice.  He has had many patients and staff that have been with him for multiple years.  The one thing that remains true with Dr. Bruce is that with all of his extensive training, caring and devotion to patients his #1 goal is to help those in pain and to continue to add many options for those patients to decrease their pain and increase their activities.