Dr. Steven D. Grossinger

Dr Steven D. Grossinger

Dr Steven D. Grossinger

Dr. Steven Grossinger graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1987. He then completed an Internal Medicine residency at Presbyterian/University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and became Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He then focused his training on the field of Neurology, completing his residency at Temple University Hospital. As a Board Certified Neurologist, he maintained a busy office practice and saw hospital patients at various hospitals in Delaware County.

His office practice initially involved evaluation and treatment of general neurologic problems like stroke, seizure and tremor. Since beginning in private practice, in 1994 Dr. Steve has performed evaluation of nerve injuries in the neck, back, arms and legs with a test called EMG and Nerve Conductions,.

Since 2000, he has refocused his interest on injuries involving the nervous system. In the course of evaluating nerve problems with EMG testing, he often identified injuries to nerves in the neck and back. He trained in State of the Art techniques in treating these problems including fluoroscopic guided injections and radiofrequency ablation. His rigorous training and passing of board examinations qualified him to gain multiple Board Certifications in Pain Management.
Phew, enough about his extensive education, experience and training. His patients value these accomplishments but cherish him as their Pain Doctor because of his warmth, sensitivity and sense of humor. Many of his patients find that he explains their pain problems to them more clearly than has been provided by other doctors they have seen. He translates their test results in to words they can understand and uses 3 dimensional models to explain the causes of their discomfort and options for treatment.

Occasionally he shares his personal insights including the fact that his own lumbar MRI results are worse than many of his patients. He has gone through periods of debilitating back pain which he controlled with the help of spine injection, dieting to lose 30 pounds and continued exercise that has left him in better physical condition now than when he was a teenager